U.K.A.E.A. - Harwell
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U.K.A.E.A. – Harwell

Connell Brothers Ltd has been awarded the contract by U.K.A.E.A. (United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority) to carry out the decommissioning and demolition of the Fan House Complex and stack at Harwell, Oxfordshire.

The Fan House Complex was constructed in the mid 1940’s as part of the BEPO Reactor System. The building was originally constructed to house the large inlet filters and exhaust fans that provided the cooling air for the BEPO Reactor.

The Fan House is located within the Nuclear Licensed Site, adjacent to operational live buildings and live service ducts. Post vacation surveys indicate areas of low level radiological contamination.

The building is constructed of brick with heavily reinforced concrete and comprises of;
-Two storey west wing offices
– Seven large bays with galleries
– Ground floor laboratories
– Electricity sub-stations (Requiring to be retained)
– Delay tank constructed from reinforced concrete
– Air ducting and a brick BEPO stack, 56 metres in height

The project works will be scrutinised by U.K.A.E.A. Senior Management, Nuclear Regulators and Local Authorities as well as site users.

The contract was awarded on the tender submission taking account of Connell Brothers procedures for executing the following works;
– Provision and confirmation of Radiological surveys
– Removal, packaging and disposal of Radioactive waste
– Procedures for Radiological monitoring throughout the project period, of all demolition debris – arising from the work
– Asbestos removal procedures
– Procedures for dismantling the 56 metre high BEPO stack
– Sequence of demolition of structures
– Protective measures for retention of the sub-stations
– Removal of ground floor slabs and large below ground reinforced concrete manifolds linked to – the stack
– Land remediation
– Procedures for dealing with unforeseen eventualities

Connell Brothers employees have all undergone the stringent vetting procedures required by the Directorate of Civil Nuclear Security and have been approved for work on Nuclear sites.

For further information, please contact Steve Balyski on 0161 925 0606 or steve.b@connellbrothers.co.uk