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Demolition of Fire damaged pharmaceutical production, processing and packaging facility
Connell Brothers were appointed as demolition contractors to carry out the demolition of a fire damaged pharmaceutical production, processing and packaging facility located at Great Oakley, Corby.

During refurbishment works a fire had broken out in the centre of the facility causing extensive damage to the building and rendering it uneconomical to repair. As a result Connell Brothers were appointed to demolish the factory down to the top of the ground floor slab.

The building contained an extensive network of services, including a vacuum system for removing powder residue from drug manufacturing and testing and passing it through a filtration system before exiting to atmosphere. The first task was to remove all the vacuum pipework, which was contaminated with powder residue, and clean it prior to disposal. Connell Brothers in-house asbestos removal operatives were utilised to remove and clean the pipes as this work required fully controlled conditions similar to those used for asbestos removal works but requiring more specific specialist personnel protective equipment. The powdered product was placed in sealed containers which were transported to a licenced facility for incineration. The pipework was thoroughly cleaned before being swab tested and removed to a smelting plant.

The vacuum pipework exited the building via a pump room containing a filter system. Investigations were carried out on this equipment and a black sludge residue discovered which was highly contaminated. A separate system of removal was adopted that required the operatives to be equipped with and external positive pressure air system whilst working in the room. A full decontamination area, including emergency drench showers, was erected outside the room and each item of plant carefully removed, cleaned, wrapped and sent to a further cleaning area for additional cleaning prior to disposal. The surface of the concrete slab was then removed by scabbling to ensure no contamination remained.

Once all the contaminated material and plant had been removed demolition could commence in earnest. Soft stripping was carried out to the offices and laboratories before main demolition was undertaken with specialist excavators equipped with a combination of shears and grabs.

The building was separated into different zones, dependant on the structure of each section of building, and demolition then progressed in a specified sequence to ensure each zone retained its structural stability.

As the demolition works progressed the Client entered into discussions with Connell Brothers regarding the removal of the ground floor slab and the contaminated ground below.

Trial holes were dug around the building to determine the extent of ground contamination and a scheme developed and presented to the Client for consideration.


Key Facts

Following further discussion with all parties, including the environmental Agency, the scheme was approved and Connell Brothers were instructed to remove the ground floor slab, foundation and carry out the ground remediation works. CLIENT: Catalent Pharma Solutions PROJECT MANAGERS: Capital and Provincial COST CONSULTANTS: Capital and Provincial CDM CO-ORDINATOR: Inspec Systems Ltd
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