Chemical Removal, Asbestos Removal and Demolition of the Former Dunlop GRP Processing Site, Manchester.

The project requirement called for the demolition of the former Dunlop manufacturing plant located in the City Centre of Manchester. Built at the turn of the century, and having been added to throughout the years, the structure ranged from 2 to 5 storeys The site is divided by a meandering culvert containing the River Irwell, which caused restrictions on the movement of plant.

The site is bounded to the north by the high level platform of Oxford Road Railway Station complete with train electrification gantries. To the East lies the head office and computer centre of Swinton Insurance plc with multi-storey student accommodation for Manchester University lying to the South. Site access was from Cambridge Street which lies to the West. All occupiers of the adjacent properties have been kept informed of the key stages of the project including weekend scaffolding erection and traffic movements.

Prior to commencement of the works it was necessary to carry out a full chemical survey in order to identify over 300 chemical drums which had been left on the site. These required classifying, re-packing and disposal under special waste regulations.

The pre-works asbestos survey also identified further areas of asbestos which had not been highlighted in the original survey.

Following the removal of all chemicals and asbestos, preparatory works were undertaken to plot the course of the river culvert in order to form demarcation lines to prevent the encroachment of any plant.

Possessions were negotiated with Railtrack and the diversion of overhead cables was arranged in order to carry out the demolition of the 5-storey section adjacent to the station platform.

On the completion of the preparatory works, the mechanical demolition was allowed to commence in a phased sequence. During the course of the works, a number of 10 m x 3 m below ground storage tanks were discovered. These required the removal of residues, cleaning and the issuing of gas free certificates.

Following reduced level excavation across the entire site and pile probing to allow for future development, the project was completed in January 2001.

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