Demolition of redundant 132 kV sub station, Rochdale

Connell Brothers have recently completed the dismantling, demolition and disposal of redundant switchgear, structures and buildings within the 132 Kv Substation open compound on behalf of United Utilities in Rochdale. The substation has been replaced with a new GIS Substation building, which was located in close proximity. You can see it here at the rear of the site.

Connell Brothers are well versed in such projects having previous experience stemming from their demolition of a 132Kv sub station on behalf of United Utilities at BNFL, Sellafield in 2002. Connell Brothers adopted the same proven methods of work from this contract.

Prior to commencement of the contract separate works were carried out for the installation of numerous underground cables, both direct buried and ducted in concrete cable trenches. Connell Brothers had to identify all cable routes and provide adequate protection before any demolition could take place. The site was also located within a National Grid substation where there was no physical demarcation between the National Grid and the Redundant United Utilities Electricity circuits. Connell Brothers operations where thus faced with compliance to both the United Utilities Electricity Safety Rules and National Grid Safety Rules.

All works carried out within the existing live substation had to be carried out under the direct supervision of an authorised safety standby man who was permanently present during the course of the works.

Further restrictions were met in light of the fact that a minimum 2m corridor had to be maintained around the site fencing to prevent the inadvertent provision of climbing aids.

Throughout the works Connell Brothers demonstrated a cautious approach to site working conditions, especially safety by preparing and implementing detailed Method Statements and Risk Assessments.

Due care and diligence was provided for the on site workers and also the close proximity of residential properties meaning all plant was equipped with silencers and planned procedures for the damping down of dust were also put into place.

During the course of the works Connell Brothers were also faced with the removal of hazardous materials such as residual oil in electrical pant, Asbestos Products in the control room and cable basement, acid in redundant batteries, and air conditioning coolants. All materials were safety removed from site and disposed of in accordance with the current legislative requirements. Careful methods also had to be developed and approved to deal with the risk from broken porcelain which arose fron the redundant insulator stacks.

Connell Brothers displayed technical expertise in demolition techniques, successful integration into a highly regulated project environment, and full co – operation with all systems and procedures on site.

Connell Brothers undertook a strict regime of Health Safety and Environmental auditing in conjunction with United Utilities throughout the contract. With regular visit from external advisors and with detailed planning and liaison with all parties involved it was ensured that the demolition ran to programme and was completed without accident or incident allowing Connell Brothers to maintain the company’s enviable blemish free Health and Safety Record.

The project Director appointed for the demolition was Mr Jim Connell, who has recently gained associate memberships status of The Institute of Demolition Engineers. Jim is well versed and experienced contracts of this nature having previously successfully completed the Sellafield Sub Station.

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