GKN Sankey Ltd, Telford

Construction of New Car Park, Telford
Connell Brothers were appointed as Principle contractors for the construction of a new car park on the site of the former offices and workshops at GKN Sankey in Telford. The offices and workshops were demolished by Connell Brothers in an earlier contract.

The site was located within the manufacturing complex at Telford and was the former offices, laboratory and wheel testing facility for GKN Sankey. Access to the site was via the West Gate security lodge, the entrance to which was shared with GKN. The works were split into three phases characterised by the main type of car park construction required. Phase 1 to the West of the site comprised mainly of existing car park and also contained the Wheel Test House. Phase 2 contained the main office building and the Laboratory. Phase 3 contained the scrap yard.

Phase 1
 The major part of the phase 1 works involved overlaying the existing car park with a new Tarmacadam surface. Towards the security lodge there was a section of car park consisting of a concrete slab which was removed and replaced with a full thickness Tarmacadam pavement construction. In addition reinforced concrete slabs were constructed at the security lodge end and lightweight steel shelters, some equipped with bicycle stands, were erected. In addition new drainage was installed together with new car park lighting and lighting to the motorcycle and bicycle shelters.

Phase 2
 This area was mainly covered by the former office building and required a complete re-profiling to form the new car park. Bulk excavation was carried out and the formation constructed to the required falls using site won crushed material. Large soakaways were constructed in a number of locations to accommodate surface water run off and a new drainage system installed, including new ACO drainage, connected to the existing drainage. New kerbs were laid to form the parking areas and to form planters for future landscaping. New car park lighting was installed together with bases and ducts to enable a security camera system to be incorporated into the existing system. The major area of car parking comprised of a full thickness (three layers) Tarmacadam construction. Towards the North of this section was the former Laboratory building which consisted of a reinforced concrete slab that was overlaid with Tarmacadam. The Northern boundary consisted of a brick retaining wall that bounded the main access road through the factory complex. Palisade security fencing was erected along this elevation requiring holes to be diamond core drilled in the existing concrete slab to install the fence posts. Traffic calming measures in the form of sleeping policemen were also constructed together with road traffic signage.

Phase 3
 This area was the former scrap yard and comprised a reinforced concrete slab. The existing drainage was cleaned out and new drainage installed by saw cutting through the reinforced concrete slab and then connecting to the existing drainage. Saw cutting was also carried out to enable the kerbs and planter areas to be constructed and to install the new car park lighting. The concrete slab was then jet washed to remove all contaminants before Tarmacadam was laid to specific parameters to form the falls for the final Tarmacadam car park surfacing. New palisade fencing was erected by drilling through the concrete slab in order to segregate the main car park from the works car park. Throughout the entire site the old security fencing was removed and the palisade fencing installed. Each phase of the project also required a concrete base to be cast and ducts installed to enable security turnstiles to be erected and connected to the existing security system enabling the workforce to enter the factory by means of swipe cards. All three car parking areas were fully white lined and also traffic control lines were laid down including speed limit stop markings. The site was generally flat over most of the area and required the formation and finish to be laid to tight tolerances in order to remove the surface water.


Key Facts

CLIENT: GKN Sankey – Telford CONTRACT ADMINISTRATORS: King Sturge LLP – Birmingham CDM CO-ORDINATOR: King Sturge LLP – Birmingham ENGINEERS: Baker Hall
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