ICI Research Centre Harrogate

The project scope called for the chemical decommissioning, asbestos removal and demolition of the former ICI Research Centre at Harrogate.

The Research Centre comprised of numerous buildings and structures, interconnected with services and chemical supply pipework.

The site was bounded to two of it’s elevations by Harrogate College of Arts and Technology with the third elevation comprising of a main railway line and the remaining elevation as the car park for the railway station. In view of this, a Good Neighbour Policy was employed throughout the period of the works.

Prior to commencement of the works, a detailed confirmation asbestos survey was carried out, taking account of the numerous pipe runs throughout the site, supplying the various buildings. A COSHH Assessment was also carried out detailing the types of chemicals contained in pipework and stored in tanks, prior to draining down, purging and disposal to the designated licensed tip. (see enclosed chemical list).

Once all the asbestos and chemical substances were removed, the deplanting and removal of pipework and storage tanks was allowed to proceed.

Upon completion of all the deplanting and soft strip operations, the demolition of the structures was carried out:- Whitefield House, Textile Centre, Whinfield House, stores complex, workshops complex, boiler house, effluent tanks and boiler house chimney.

Due to the proximity of the chimney adjacent to the main railway line, a safe method of work was adopted with Method Statements being submitted to Railtrack for approval.

Throughout the work, ICI carried out Safety Audits in conjunction with Connell Brothers Safety Advisor. The project was executed on time and without incident to the client’s satisfaction.

Key Facts

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