Demolition Kinthorpe and Laxthorpe High Rise Tower Block
Connell Brothers Ltd (CBL) were appointed by Kingston Upon Hull City Council to carry out the demolition of two 10 storey high tower blocks in close proximity to a housing estate. The flats comprised a reinforced concrete frame with external infill “no-fines” type concrete.

To the North and West of the site was an open grassed area with flats and houses beyond. The East of the site was in close proximity to existing houses whilst to the South there was a school. The project involved soft stripping and demolition of both tower blocks together with the removal of the ground floor slabs, pile caps and backfilling the site with site won crushed material to provide a safe level finish.

Asbestos materials had been removed from the buildings prior to the commencement of our works, however during the soft stripping asbestos was found beneath the windows. This discovery was communicated to the client and a strategy involving the removal of the asbestos by Connell Brothers in – house fully trained asbestos operatives was quickly developed and agreed by all parties. By utilising our own asbestos removal specialists the works could be programmed efficiently to allow soft stripping to continue in areas unaffected by asbestos and therefore enabling the works to progress resulting in no delay to the overall programme.

Once all the asbestos and soft stripping works were completed demolition of the structure could be undertaken. Demolition was undertaken using two of Connell Brothers specialist high reach demolition excavators, a Caterpillar 375 weighing approximately 90 T and capable of working at a height of 36.0 m and a Case 9046 weighing approximately 60 T and capable of working at a height of 26.0 m. These excavators were equipped with concrete pulverisers to enable them to demolish the structure by crunching the concrete into small pieces to be removed to a stockpile as demolition proceeded.

Both excavators are fitted with a dust suppression system that allows water to be sprayed at the tool face, and this was supplemented by the use of a dust boss to further suppress any dust generated by the demolition works.

In order to minimise disruption to the adjacent school some of the high reach demolition works were carried out during the school holidays and outside normal working hours. In adopting a flexible approach to the work the potential for disruption to the school and pupils was minimised. As part of this approach Connell Brothers Site Supervisor liaised closely with the Head of the school to explain the works being carried out and to present them with a cheque towards the construction of a new sports pitch for the pupils.

Once demolition had been completed to the top of the ground floor slab excavators equipped with hydraulic breakers were used to break out the ground floor slab and remove the exposed pile caps to a depth of 2.0 m below ground level. The location of the pile caps was then surveyed as an aid to future development. Connell Brothers mobile crusher was used to crush the suitable hard arisings to a 6F2 specification and the area of the site backfilled in compacted layers to provide a safe trip free finish.
This project presented a number of challenges, namely:

• The restricted access to the site
• Close proximity of adjacent housing and school
• Discovery of previously unknown asbestos materials


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Key Facts

Careful planning and continual liaison with Kingston Upon Hull City Council enabled all parties to identify, resolve and overcome the discovery of the additional asbestos material and to co-ordinate and manage the works effectively with as little disruption to residents as possible. Project outcome – completed on time, and incident / injury free. CLIENT: Kingston Upon Hull City CouncilCDM CO-ORDINATOR: NPS Group (Humber)PROJECT MANAGERS: NPS Group
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