Megabowl and Busters Restaurant – White City Retail Park, Old Trafford

September 2003 saw Connell Brothers commissioned by Land Securities to demolish Megabowl and Busters Restaurant as part of the enabling works for the redevelopment of White City Retail Park. Connell Brothers were faced with numerous challenges during this project which called for careful detailed planning and sequencing of the works. White City Retail Park comprises of approximately twelve retail units which continued to operate at full capacity for the duration of the project. The retail park is a busy development which experiences high levels of vehicular and pedestrian traffic seven days a week. Coupled with this was the close proximity of the Old Trafford Football Ground which meant extremely heavy traffic on match days.

There were also three separate construction projects running concurrently on site, thus arrangements were made to ensure that a co-ordinated approach was adopted to traffic management, segregation of the public from the demolition/construction areas and security arrangements. This was done through close liaison with all parties involved. Careful consideration had to be given to the public and site operatives prior to commencement on site. High specification hoardings, signage and protection were implemented from the out set.

With all preparatory works in place the demolition began. The first stage of the demolition programme was soft stripping which was conducted by CITB/NTDG trained operatives working on mini diggers assisted with bobcat skid steers. A type three asbestos survey had been commissioned with negative results however Connell Brothers operatives remained vigilant throughout the works.

Following the soft strip operatives working from a cherry picker securely harnessed in then conducted hot cutting of steel work where necessary in order to pre-weaken the structure prior to the mechanical demolition.

With soft strip operations completed the main structural demolition was conducted by Connell Brothers specialist 360 high reach hydraulic excavator equipped with rotating shear attachment.

Another challenge which faced Connell Brothers was an existing electricity sub station located immediately adjacent to Busters Restaurant. This was to be maintained throughout the project. Carefully designed crash decking was brought in by Connell Brothers in conjunction with Lyndon scaffolding to ensure full protection during the demolition works.

The Connell Management team on White City called for regular Safety Audits of the site, weekly Tool Box Talks with regards to safety, regular Method Statement Induction courses for all Operatives on site, regular Progress and Safety Meetings with Land Securities. Regular auditing was undertaken to ensure that the Project Management procedures were followed. The 8 week Project was completed on time to the client’s full satisfaction with no injuries, accidents, or incident to members of staff or the public, thus allowing Connell Brothers to continue there exemplary record in Health and Safety.

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