Demolition Of Telegraph House
Connell Brothers Ltd (CBL) were appointed by Rochdale Metropolitan Borough City Council to demolish the redundant six storey office block know as Telegraph House located opposite the bus station and multi-storey car park and a 14 storey tower block, known as the “Black Box”, previously demolished by Connell Brothers.

As part of the previous demolition works Connell Brothers constructed a temporary car park on the site of the old bus station and a tarmac finish to the site of the “Black Box” which was then became on outside market. Adjacent to Telegraph House is the existing Wheatsheaf shopping centre.

In order to carry out the demolition works and to maintain vehicular and pedestrian traffic to the busy shopping areas Baillie Street to the south of the site temporarily became a one way road. The site compound was located on a piece of empty land opposite the building which enabled the road leading from the shopping centre to remain open for departing delivery vehicles.

The initial works comprised the removal of soft strip elements of the building and the removal of asbestos containing materials. The ground floor of the building was an open car parking area and beneath the metal finish to the underside of the first floor slab was a significant amount of asbestos sheeting.

In order to remove this sheeting the entire ground floor car park became an enclosure, enabling Connell Brothers Asbestos Operatives to remove the asbestos materials in an efficient manner. Once these works were completed demolition of the structure could commence.

This was carried out using a 130 T high reach demolition excavator with a 38 m reach equipped with a pulveriser attachment, together with assorted other excavators and attachments.

Due to the very limited space around the site the high reach excavator was initially located in the site compound and reached over the access road to carry out the demolition works. These initial works were carried out outside normal working hours so as to not interfere with the day to day running of the shopping centre.

Key Facts

Close liaison with the shopping centre management enabled deliveries to be rerouted when exiting the Wheatsheaf centre so as to not disrupt the nigh time delivery of goods. CLIENT: Wolverhampton City Council CONTRACT ADMINISTRATOR: Property Services
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