WOLVERHAMPTON CITY COUNCIL Demolition and Car Park Construction

Snow Hill, Wolverhampton
Connell Brothers Ltd (CBL) were appointed by Wolverhampton City Council to initially demolish number 42 – 50 Snow Hill and construct a new car park. During the course of the works we were awarded the contract to demolish 50a – 51 Snow Hill and extend the car park.

Both structures were concrete framed with a mixture of concrete and block and beam flooring. The structures were located in close proximity to roads within the centre of Wolverhampton with the main Wulfrun Shopping Centre opposite the site. The demolition works required various pavement closures and a limited road closure whilst maintaining full access to the shopping centre and surrounding buildings and car parks.

The initial works to demolish numbers 42 – 50 required establishing a site compound in the adjacent car park which was made available to us by the council. Moveable temporary hoarding was then erected to the footpaths and pavement diversions established for pedestrians.

There were various asbestos containing materials present in the building which were removed prior to any demolition works commencing.

Following these works the building was fully soft stripped and a scaffold erected between the building to be demolished and numbers 50a – 51, which at this time were to remain, in order to protect the passageway between the buildings that contained a number of services and to enable floor by floor demolition to be carried out to the end of the building.

During the course of the floor by floor demolition the front canopy to the building was also removed. Once the floor by floor demolition had been completed the scaffold was removed and Connell Brothers High Reach Excavator was brought to site and located on timber mats in the main car park in order to carry out the main demolition works. Due to the particular construction of the building the demolition process was required to be carried out in a specific pre-determined sequence to ensure the stability of the structure was maintained throughout the demolition process.

Following the demolition of the superstructure the ground floor slab was removed giving access to the basement that occupied approximately half the building. This was removed with the exception of the front section which was retained to provide stability to both the pavement and the road. As the rear wall was removed it exposed the loose brick backfill that formed the existing car park and as a result demolition was extended beyond the footprint of the building.

The hard demolition arisings from the building were crushed on site using Connell Brothers Mobile Crusher to both 6F2 grading and MOT Type 1 for use in constructing the car park. The basement and ground floor slab areas were backfilled with compacted 6F2 in layers prior to the installation of kerbing and drainage.

At this point in the project Connell Brothers were awarded the demolition of the adjacent building and construction of the car park was temporarily halted. This enabled demolition plant to gain access to the building from the car park without damaging any of the final works.

Asbestos removal and soft stripping was carried out prior to the demolition of the building using Connell Brothers High Reach Excavator to demolish the building onto the car park, with part of the works being carried out outside of normal working hours. This methodology removed the requirement for both scaffold and floor by floor demolition reducing both the duration and overall project cost for the client.

Once the building had been demolished Connell brothers met on site with the Wolverhampton Council Representatives and the final design of the new combined car park was developed. The site was generally graded to level and inspected by the Council to confirm it met with their expectations. Kerbs, drainage, street lighting and ducting for parking meters were installed. The Council representative regularly visited the site to enable adjustments to the design to be made throughout the works to incorporate site conditions.

The entire formation was finished with a complacted layer of site won MOT Type 1 prior to being finished with a 100mm deep tarmac layer to form the car park. New perimeter pedestrian barriers were installed around the car park and new street lighting columns erected and connected to the existing supply. Car park lining was then carried out to provide demarcation for vehicles with a number of disabled parking bays being provided.


Key Facts

This project presented a number of challenges, namely:
    • Close proximity of adjacent buildings.
    • Deep basement construction.
    • Changes in Client requirements throughout the works.
The development of a very good close working relationship with the Wolverhampton Council representatives was key to completing this project. Changes in the project requirements, mainly due to the additional demolition works being awarded part way through the car park construction, were accommodated with minimul disruption by maintaining a good flow of information. The design of the car park was subject to numerous revisions throughout its construction and by having daily visits from the Client and keeping an open exchange of ideas the project was successfully completed to the satisfaction of all partied concerned. CLIENT: Wolverhampton City Council PRINCIPAL DESIGNER: Wolverhampton City Council
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