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Leeds Metropolitan University – Demolition of Block A

The works comprised the total demolition and site clearance of A Block, Leeds Metropolitan University.

The demolition was conducted employing specialist high reach demolition mechanical excavators equipped with suitable attachments which carry out the demolition, working in a piecemeal controlled fashion.

B’ Block is highlighted in blue which is to be retained and protected. This photograph illustrates how blocks ‘A’ & ‘C’ are attached. ‘A’ Block is highlighted in red.

This Elevation affected by the party wall will be carefully demolished using hand separation demolition techniques.

This element of the works will be conducted in line with restrictive boundaries demolition as detailed in GS 29 Parts 1, 3 and 4. Suitable waterproofing will be on Block B following the completion of the separation works.

The main office building was demolished by the use of a ground based high reach demolition excavator utilising specialised demolition attachments, i.e. pulverisors, concrete cracker etc.

The works were completed on time to the full satisfaction of the client. Mr Paul Reily the Project Manager for the University praised Connell Brothers approach to the works as a whole:-

“They were professional on all levels, and were aware of the sensitivity of a difficult project, being located adjacent to other ‘live’ buildings.

I would recommend Connell Bros Ltd to undertake demolition works and feel they excel in this field particularly when faced with many project constraints”.

For further information, please contact Steve Balyski on 0161-925-0606 or steve.b@connellbrothers.co.uk