Our work supports a wide range of sectors and organisations, involving different sites and locations:

Local Authorities

Regeneration projects for local authorities often involve demolishing redundant factories and disused buildings. We specialise in systematically assessing the buildings, ensuring they are safe for demolition and disposing of any hazardous waste or materials in the correct way.

We work to minimise disruption, particularly with regard to party walls, noise and dust where our work is close to residential or business areas. Our aim is always to minimise the impact on the local community and the environment.



Demolition work at active educational establishments is always potentially demanding, but we approach each task expertly and efficiently.

This requires careful phasing of our work to minimise disruption to student and to the whole school, college or university community. We prioritise communications throughout the institution involved, so that we can make sure our work does not interrupt the day to day flow of study and support.


City and Town Centres

Working to demolish structures and buildings in busy town and city centres is complex, but something we are at home doing.

We’ve received various awards over the years that are testaments to our sensitive but bold approach to city centre demolition. We work closely with Environmental Health on noise monitoring, containing dust and pollution, and avoiding disruption to others.

We use innovative demolition techniques to maximise efficiency while minimising disturbance.


Chemical and Industrial

These sectors demand highly experienced, specialist input when it comes to decontamination work.

We’ve carried out a number of decontamination projects for high profile clients such as Glaxo Welcome, ICI Technology, Albright and Wilson and British Steel.

Our services for this sector include planting, dismantling and demolition, emergency clean-ups and site-remediation.

Former chemical and industrial sites can pose a potential hazard to the environment and we work to ensure that all hazardous materials and waste are safely disposed of, from handling and packaging through to processing and disposal. Throughout we strictly adhere to all current regulations.



Certain structures are best demolished with the controlled use of explosives. These include chimneystacks, processing plants and high rise flats.

We carried out the largest explosive demolition to date on behalf of the City of Manchester when we simultaneously demolished four high rise blocks for the Hattersley Project.

Safety is the highest priority here, which is why we undertake meticulous planning and liaison as part of our explosive demolition process. This is why we have an enviable safety record.


Sports Stadia Demolition

The Connell Brothers team specialises in the demolition of sports stadia, as part of the preparation of former sites for future development.

Our work includes the demolition of Manchester City’s Maine Road ground and Leicester City’s former home, Filbert Street.


Nuclear Sites

The demolition of former nuclear sites comes with its own challenges, especially around the safe removal and disposal of hazardous, contaminated material.

We provide confirmatory radiological surveys and we remove radiologically contaminated material, alongside demolition and land remediation.

This includes work for both British Nuclear Fuels and the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, and the following projects: the demolition of the former Hero Reactor Building, a seven-storey management centre and the dismantling of a live substation –within the Sellafield complex and the former BEPO reactor fan house at Harwell.

Whatever your requirements, we offer a specialist service and expert support regardless of the type of site, structure or facility you have. Contact Connell Brothers to discuss your requirements.