For the removal of hazardous substances from a whole selection of different environments, we provide excellent, secure remediation services.

We understand the complexities of dealing with site-sensitive situations and our approach to remediation and regeneration involves us looking at the detail as part of the bigger picture.

First we appraise the site conditions, including its history, its current use and we consult detailed, intrusive survey data. From this feasibility study, we are then able to proceed to the practical task of remediation.

Using our own specialist remediation plant and equipment, we undertake the clean-up process so that we can provide our clients with sites and assets ready for re-use.

All our work is fully compliant and accountable.

Where groundwater remediation work is involved, we first obtain official Environment Agency approval of our plans. We write and submit these plans in accordance with our mobile plant permit, issued under Environment Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010.

If you have hazardous substances you require removing, or a site you want to make safe, contact Connell Brothers.