Special Projects

Where clients require decommissioning services for very specific situations and complex tasks, we provide an industry-recognised level of expertise and specialisation.

Platform Decommissioning

Platform decommissioning requires sensitivity and decisiveness, using state of the art, environmentally-friendly methods.

The first stage of this process involves us putting together a comprehensive decommissioning, dismantling and recycling manual.

We concentrate on the disposal of hazardous materials and the re-use of components. We deliver all our platform decommissioning in accordance with current regulations and legislation, obtaining the relevant approval from professional consultants and regulatory bodies where required.


Complex Marine Structures

Here we take on the full management cycle involved in the decommissioning and recycling of complex marine structures, including vessels and fixed structures. This involves us looking at feasibility, costings, methodologies and assessing environmental impact.

We underpin all our decommissioning work covering this specialist area with thorough risk assessments and robust environmental controls.

We always strive to maximise the recycling and re-use of materials as a key part of best practice in waste management, while minimising the impact on marine life, water quality and the environment.

If you have a problem removing a structure, or a complex decommissioning issue, we have the solution. Contact Connell Brothers to talk about your decommissioning project.