Connell Brothers recycling triumph as Stretford Mall demolition nears completion

With the demolition of Stretford Mall nearing completion ­Connell Brothers are pleased to announce that 98.4 per cent of materials removed from the site have been recycled. The renovation has seen 6,000 tonnes of concrete and brick, and 250 tonnes […]


New video released of the complex Façade retention and demolition work carried out by Connell Brothers Ltd in 2017 to the Manchester Metropolitan University – Mabel Tylecote Building. Connell Brothers Ltd (CBL) were appointed to carry out the asbestos removal […]

Chinese Presidential visit to site at Manchester University

As part of his visit to Manchester, the Chinese President, President Xi Jinping visited the “world leading” National Graphene Institute at the University of Manchester. This is located across the road from Connell Brothers Ltd busy demolition site. During the […]

Stretford Mall demolition works get underway

Connell Brothers have begun the first phase of  £2m revamp of Stretford Mall. The former food market hall, comprised over 49,000 square foot will gave way to a new era for the Mall. The shopping centre will be smaller with […]

Connell Brothers set to demolish O’Briens as part of Stretford Mall works

Demolition works at Stretford Mall recently got underway which is centred around improving access, a new entrance, updated facades, and green spaces fronting Chester Road. The mall is set to be cut by around 49,000 square feet It was initially […]